For Additional Questions

If you still have questions after reading the Certification FAQs page, please contact the Certification Program Director at


Education Mentor Team

We understand that the certificates/certification process can be confusing, and would like to make it easier by offering a helping hand. 

People join ICD for many reasons. Here are a few...

  • they want certificates
  • they enjoy the excellent education
  • they want to attend conference and hang with cool people
  • they want to be a CPO-CD®/Program Mentor/Master Trainer
  • they need CEU's
  • they are chronically disorganized and are hoping to get organized one day 


Do you fit into one of the categories above?  Or perhaps you have different educational goals.  

Whatever you would like to achieve in your ICD education, we can help you get there.  An Education Mentor will contact you to help you navigate ICD’s multi-level certificate and certification program. 

If you would like your own personal Education Mentor, contact program coordinator Kc Coolbaugh at

We’ll get you going in the right direction!