2017 Conference

Meet me in St. Louis for the 2017 ICD Conference: The Gateway to Education, Research, and Client Success Strategies


Pre-Conference -- Monday, September 25, 2017

Changing Caregivers into Care Partners through Connection, Communication, and Care

(4.5 hours of content, limited to 45 participants)

Treat your staff to this enlightening and interactive training session, designed to provide an introduction to Positive Approach® philosophy and care partnering techniques that change the way people think about dementia.


  • Discuss common brain changes
  • Compare and contrast cues that people living with dementia provide to others, indicating the most common unmet needs that lead to distress or challenging behaviors
  • Practice four assistive techniques for various levels of cognitive impairment, emphasizing use of preserved abilities
  • Identify the value of consistent positive reinforcement and proactive interventions to promote well-being and reduce challenging situations
  • Using GEMS®, recognize the value of noticing the functional ability of the person living with dementia and supportive responses that match.

2017 Annual Conference
Tuesday, September 26 to Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tamara Rosier, Ph.D. is presenting on time management. The title of her presentation is: Reimagining Time and Energy. In the description of her presentation Dr. Rosier explains that some of our clients may have a peculiar relationship with time. Our clients may wonder why doing routine tasks is so difficult. She says what they don’t account for is how their energy and thoughts are affected by certain activities. This session provides a new framework for those clients to understand time and use it well.

Cameron Gott is presenting on ADHD. The title of his presentation is: Articulating ADHD: Bridge the ADHD Awareness Gap to Meaningful Reinvention. He explains that “..the ADHD experience inhibits the change process disrupting the ability to create new awareness and develop new habits. Meaningful reinvention happens when what needs to change is identified. Articulating ADHD is an important early step in the change process to explore and identify how ADHD manifests itself for the ADHD client.”

Bob Ramsey is presenting on Interpersonal Relations. The title of his presentation is: The 1 Degree Difference Between Chaos and Success. Small changes make a big difference. So think small and get results. Backed by science, historical data and personal stories Bob will lead us in a fun, inter-active and fast moving conference session teaching us strategies to use to make 1 degree changes with our clients.

Judith Kolberg is presenting on Hoarding. The title of Judith’s presentation is: Crazy Lady and the Renaissance Man and Other Stories from the Front Lines. Judith says “Sometimes you get lucky in this business to work with clients who teach you more than you can ever teach them.” Judith shares stories from her work with these clients and will teach us the new techniques she’s learned to reduce clutter with people who are non-squalor hoarders who choose not to go into therapy.

Leslie Finkley is presenting on Dementia. Lesley works for the Teepa Snow Foundation. This 90 minute conference session is titled Understanding Dementia. Attendees will gain a basic appreciation for the brain changes that occur with dementia, learn about the Positive Approach to Care strategies that improve connection, communication and support for people living with dementia.

Leslie and a colleague will run the 4 hour pre-conference session based on the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care. This workshop will give the attendees exposure to the Teepa Snow GEMS abilities model of dementia. This model focuses on the abilities people living with dementia still retain and not just on the losses that occur.