Fact Sheet for Subscribers

The ICD has some free fact sheets to provide information about chronic disorganization. These fact sheets may be used for educational purposes.

Are You Chronically Disorganized? (FS-001)

This fact sheet presents 21 questions to determine if you are chronically disorganized.

Are you Situationally Disorganized? (FS-002)

This fact sheet presents 10 situations that may bring on some of the symptoms of chronic disorganization.

Common Characteristics of Individuals Challenged by Chronic Disorganization (FS-003)

This fact sheet checklist explains some of the common characteristics of CD and organization issues at home and work.

Factors Associated with Disorganization (FS-004)

This fact sheet lists conditions commonly associated with chronic disorganization.

Time Management for the Chronically Disorganized (FS-005)

This fact sheet gives some suggestions to help manage time.

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination for the Chronically Disorganized Individual or Household (FS-006)

This fact sheet gives some suggestions to help with procrastination in the client challenged with chronic disorganization.

Tips for Communicating with the Chronically Disorganized (FS-007)

This fact sheet presents some techniques and strategies for effectively and successfully communicating with individuals who may be challenged with chronic disorganization.

Should I Hire a Professional Organizer or Work with a Friend? 

This fact sheet gives chronically disorganized individuals some tips in selecting either a friend or professional organizer to assist them with the decluttering process.

How Do I Find a Professional Organizer That's Right For Me? Revised 

This fact sheet will provide some questions and ideas to consider when searching for a professional organizer that will fit your needs.

Readiness for Change - Revised (FS-010)

Are you organizationally challenged and ready for change? Identifying where you are on the path to change will give you insight throughout the process.

Collaborative Therapy for Clutter Management© (FS-011)

Collaborative Therapy (CT) is emerging as a model to address the blended and often complex needs of those who struggle with cluttering or compulsive hoarding.