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Fact Sheets for Professionals

Fact Sheets for Professionals are available free of charge to subscribers only. If you are a subscriber, log in and go to the Subscribers section to download yours. Here is the list of free Fact Sheets for Professionals that are available to subscribers.

Are You Chronically Disorganized? (FS-001)
Are you Situationally Disorganized? (FS-002)
Common Characteristics of Individuals Challenged by Chronic Disorganization (FS-003)
Factors Associated with Disorganization (FS-004)
Time Management for the Chronically Disorganized (FS-005)
Tips for Overcoming Procrastination for the Chronically Disorganized Individual or Household (FS-006)
Tips for Communicating with the Chronically Disorganized (FS-007)
Should I Hire a Professional Organizer or Work with a Friend? 
How Do I Find a Professional Organizer That's Right For Me? Revised 
Readiness for Change - Revised (FS-010)
Collaborative Therapy for Clutter Management© (FS-011)
Have You Ever Wondered About Your Client's Clutter? (SFS-100)
Five Lessons to Learn (SFS-101)
Organizing Your Teleclass Notes and Handouts (SFS-102)
Working with Elderly CD Clients Quiz (SFS-103)

Types of Hoarding - Different Perspectives (SFS-105)
Working with Physically Challenged Clients Quiz (SFS-107)
What is ADD Coaching? (SFS-108)

Shopping and Acquisitions (SFS-109)
Myths and Facts About Adult ADD (SFS-110)

What is “Challenging Disorganization”? (FS-012)