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Subscriber Benefits


  • The Chronical (ICD online newsletter) 
  • Teleclasses (approximately four one-hour teleclasses monthly, 40-50 teleleclasses a year included) 
  • Publications 
  • Conferences
  • CPO® CEUs may be available for qualifying Teleclasses and Conference sessions

A Community of Peers & Colleagues

  • Directory of Subscribers
  • CD Referral listing (once you have earned the Foundation Certificate)
  • Forums (communicate with other professionals about issues relating to CD)
  • Publications 
  • Specialized volunteer opportunities
  • Article submission opportunities in The Chronical

Validation & Recognition

  • Certificate and Certification Programs

Requirements for Professional Organizers

Professional Organizers are eligible to subscribe to the ICD if they meet one of the following requirements:

Option 1 Requirement

Be a Professional Organizer who has been in business for more than one year

Documentation for Option 1: Submit a copy of any one of the documents listed below to prove eligibility.

Business License
D/B/A Certificate
Provincial, State, or Federal Service Mark Certificate
Resale License
Articles of Incorporation
Tax filing documents
Two business bank statements: (1) dated more than one year ago AND (2) dated within 30 days of subscriber application
Wage/income verification (such as W2, 1099, T2124, or T2032 forms) indicating at least one year of employment as a Professional Organizer


Option 2 Requirement

Be a current member of one of the following associations

AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers)
APDO-UK (The Association of Professional Decluttterers & Organisers (UK))
JALO (Japan Association of Life Organizers)
NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)
NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers)

NBPO (Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Professional Organizers)
POC (Professional Organizers in Canada)

Documentation for Option 2: Submit a copy of any one of the documents listed below to prove elibility.

Membership card

Membership receipt

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