Publications Needed

The ICD is seeking authors for the following publications. Whether you choose one of these titles or would prefer to write about another subject, please contact the Publications Director at

  1. Effective Change Management for CD Clients — Decision-making styles and managing perfectionism.
  2. Creating Collaborative Partnerships with Mental Health Professionals — Ideas and strategies for creating a working collaborative relationship with mental health professionals such as therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, health care providers and local and state agencies.
  3. Motivational Interviewing Skills for the Professional Organizer — Present a model of motivational interviewing. Describe how this model can work with your clients.
  4. Organizing Strategies for Working with Clients with Brain Injuries (TBI & ABI) — Describe the needs of clients with brain injuries. Describe the techniques that you would use to successfully work with these clients.
  5. Organizing Strategies for Children with ADD  — Describe the needs for working with children with ADD. Discuss the different ADD characteristics and how they can empower the ADD child. How can we help them manage their ADD characteristics to their benefit?