Matching Donation Campaign

We did it!  Thanks to 175 generous donors listed below and a lot of fabulous folks spreading the word, in just 13  weeks we were able to raise $30,000.  If you recall, the purpose of our $30,000 Matching Donation Campaign was to raise money for ICD’s Education and Research endeavors.  The $30,000 you graciously contributed and an extremely generous $30,000 match from our anonymous donor will have a significant impact on those programs.

As a non-profit organization we rely on the generosity of our subscribers and members of the public to support our programs.  Though we are thrilled to have reached this milestone, and don’t want to down play it in the least, we know we need to keep bringing in dollars. To help put things in perspective, ICD must raise over $375,000 annually to support its activities.  By contributing to ICD you can help us realize our vision of being the premier resource on chronic disorganization and our mission of providing education, research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization. 

Below is how we have utilized our matching donation funds since December 31, 2013.

ICD MDC Funds Chart

Interested in making a donation? Click here to donate to ICD’s general operating fund.



Katherine Trezise


Denise Allan

Kit D. Anderson, CPO-CD

Alice Price

Valentina Sgro

Andrea Sharb


Jim and Beth Andrews

Kim Anker-Paddon

Jean Furuya

Inge Jalink

Diane Judd

Marcie Katz

Phyllis Flood Knerr

Laurene Livesey Park

Diane Quintana

Linda Samuels

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Eileen Stevie

Kate Varness

Nancy H. Watson

Sandy Wright


Joan E. Dumser

Barry Izsak

Lynne Johnson

Leslie Josel

Lynne Poulton

Ronald Shuma

Caroline Totah


Kelly Ables

Janine Adams

Helena Alkhas

Elizabeth Arrington

Sue Becker

April Lane Benson, Ph.D.

Patricia Bernabei

Ruthann Betz-Essinger

Robin Blinder

Cathy Bock

Barbara A. Bougher

Denslow Brown

Carolyn Caldwell

Gina Caughey

Suzanne Chabaud

Kc Coolbaugh

Claudette Croushore

Judson Crowder

Patty Davis

Christy DeJohn

Vickie Dellaquila

Sheila Delson

Melanie Dennis

Terri Fischer

Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick

Lynn Gooding

Ellen Hankes

Noreen Cooper Heavlin

Nancy Heller

Susan Hunsberger

Lasar Hurd-McCabe

Margaret M. Jackson

Ine Lamers

Regina Lark

Tamara J. Laurent

Susan Layden

Denise B. Lee

Susan J. Lieber

Jennifer J. Linnig

Randi B. Lyman

Faith Manierre

Joan Melroy

Teri Mendelson

Alys Milner

Mary Lynne Murray

Stephanie Rasley

Linda Richards

Standolyn Robertson

Victoria Roberts-Russell

Leslie Robison

Catherine Roster

DJ Ryan

Wendy B Samuel, CPO®

Marilyn Satter

Heidi Schulz, CPO-CD

Helen Schutz

Eve Sckolnik

Colette Shine

Diana Soll

Susan Stone

Carol Thistlethwaite

Hilde H.W. Verdijk

Terry Watson

Sue West

Susan Wilkoff

Emily Wilska

Patty Wolf

Michael Young


Jennifer Alman

Linda Arena

Colleen Ashe

Terina Bainter

Linda A. Birkinbine, CPO®

Mona Brantley

Nancy Castelli

Natalie Conrad

Donna Cowan

Lita M Daniel

Andrea Deinstadt

Ellen R. Delap, CPO

Janis L. Detlefs

Kathleen Eickwort

Linda Ellefsen

Kathie E. England

Sherri R. Fabic

Debora Farrington

Theresa M. Finnigin

Emily Fitzgerald

Allison Flinn

Ann Gambrell

Gayle Goddard

Betsy Goldfarb

Linda Goldfarb

Elizabeth Tawney Gross

Gayle Gruenberg

Joani Hardy

Lorese Harper

Diane Hatcher, CPO

Judith Houlding

Leslie Huikko

Jocelyn Kenner

Courtney King

Susan Kousek

Amanda Kovattana

Janet Krumm

Jennifer Lava

Cathy Lehew

Maggie Levy

Dawn Link

Peggy Locastro

Sheri A. Lukasiewicz

Alison Lush

Susan L. Macaulay

Mina Malin

Susan Marsh

Melinda Massie

Mary G McClung

Bunny McDermott

Pamela Meyer

Nicole Mohns

Kazia Navas

Andrew P. Neary

Nettie Owens

Mary Pankiewicz

Sherri Papich

Amy Payne

Shanna Perino

Robin Powell

Charlene Randles

Nina Saeki

Rachel Seavey

Robert Seidel, MSSW

Lee Shuer

Ruth Silbert B.A. M.L.S.

Carole Smith

Nia Spongberg

Ellen Tozzi

Yvonne Trostli

Suzi Ure

Harriet Vaughan

Kathy Voss-Jensen

Joyce Wagner

Denise Wassenhove

Susan Weber

Andi Willis

Deborah Zechini