Teleclass Overview



Teleclasses are a primary benefit of ICD subscribership and are designed to enhance knowledge and effectiveness in working with the CD population. Teleclass attendance for credit is an integral component of the ICD Certification program; however, those who do not wish to pursue certification will find great educational value from the teleclasses.
ICD offers approximately four teleclasses each month. Topics are chosen by the Teleclass Development Committee to meet the broad range of interests and varying levels of experience of ICD subscribers.  Our presenters vary from ICD subscribers to Ph.D. experts in various fields. Presenters generously share their expertise and time without compensation.

Looking for Presenters

We are looking for teleclass/webinar presenters and topics.  If you are a presenter or have an idea for a new topic, please either submit it via the link below or send an email to Susan Gardner, our teleclass coordinator so that we can get it into the hopper for a future teleclass.

Submit a teleclass topic


Fees and Subscribership Levels

  • Premium Subscribers may attend all teleclasses without charge and have access to all teleclass recordings.
  • Standard Subscribers (not available to new first-time subscribers) pay a fee per class and have access only to recorded teleclasses which are required for Level I Certificates. They do not have access to other recorded teleclasses.
  • You like what you see/listen, but you don't want to be an ICD subscriber.  Not to worry, Non-Subscribers pay a $49 fee per teleclass and have access only to the live teleclasses.

The Teleclass Process

Teleclass schedules are posted on the ICD website by quarter. Online registration is available as soon as teleclasses are posted.

Teleclasses are one hour in length, generally from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern (GMT-5).

Teleclasses are offered on the same night of the week and rotate with each quarter: 

  • First quarter (January through March):  Mondays
  • Second quarter (April through June):  Tuesdays
  • Third quarter (July through September):  Wednesdays
  • Fourth quarter (October through December):  Thursdays

Once you have registered for teleclasses, you will receive an email confirmation.  It is recommended that you keep this confirmation until the quarter is over in case you need to change your registration.

Approximately two days prior to each teleclass for which you are registered, you will receive an email with the following:

  • call in and Skype instructions (participants are responsible for any telecommunication charges)
  • a link to a PDF handout for the teleclass
  • detailed instructions for teleclass etiquette
  • instructions for obtaining credit for the teleclass
  • instructions about cancelling your participation in the class if need be

Please note that cell phones are not always reliable and may cause poor sound quality. ICD cannot provide teleclass credit to anyone who misses the required information due to personal equipment malfunction.

In order to maintain the integrity of our Certification Program, ICD adheres to strict procedures for confirming teleclass credit.

Teleclass Recordings

The following are the different kinds of teleclass recordings:

Teleclasses that are mandatory for a specific Level I Certificate of Study. Please note, these teleclasses are mandatory only if you wish to earn the Level I Certificate for which the teleclass applies.

  • Available to all subscribers, all the time
  • Charges for Standard subscribers apply

Teleclass recordings available for credit. These are recordings of our regular teleclass offerings.

  • Available only to Premium subscribers
  • Listeners who fulfill the confirmation requirements, within four weeks of the original teleclass presentation, will receive credit

Teleclasses available for listening but not credit. After the four-week period for earning credit has elapsed, teleclass recordings remain available for listening and review only.

  • Available only to Premium subscribers
  • Access to teleclass recordings will eventually be removed, but not for at least 60 days after the original presentation

Teleclasses for the public